Wines Of The Week—

12th Jan 2020 : I wanted love these no-alcohol tipples, but for me, it's either low-booze beers or making my OWN cordials and sodas.

La Petite Plume Colombard 2018

Sharp and shrill as a citrus soprano hitting the highest note. Catch it!

Retailer : Sainsbury's
Price : £8
ABV : %9
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Top Picks For This Week—

  • Franklin & Sons Strawberry & Raspberry with Pepper

    Intriguingly splendid refreshment for sipping all year round.

    Retailer : Ocado
    Price : £2.69
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  • Yarty Elderflower and Raspberry Cordial

    All the fragrance and fruit of a Great British summer.

    Retailer : Yarty
    Price : £4
    Buy Direct
  • Big Drop Sunset Gold

    Tastes like properly refreshing beer – serve well chilled.

    Retailer : Dry Drinker
    Price : £14.99
    ABV : %0.5
    Buy Direct
  • Harvey’s Old Ale Low Alcohol

    Deep and delicious, my top winter low booze beer pick is top notch.

    Retailer :
    Price : £28.40
    ABV : %0.5
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