Wines Of The Week—

3rd Jun 2018 : Charcoal, tick. Drumsticks, tick. Bangers, tick.

Almocreve Tinto Reserva 2015

Unbeatable value for a red to rock your barbecue world. Feel the power of Portugal!

Retailer : Lidl
Price : £5.99
ABV : %13.5
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Top Picks For This Week—

  • Brewdog Elvis Juice, Grapefruit Infused IPA

    Grapefruit and orange collide in this sheer impact beer, delivering double deliciousness.

    Retailer : Sainsbury's
    Price : £1.75
    ABV : %6.5
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  • Finest Las Hijuelas Carménère 2017

    Spice, power and good value for the quality. Brilliant Chilean red for burgers and bangers.

    Retailer : Tesco
    Price : £7
    ABV : %13
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  • Irresistible Pic St Loup Rosé 2017

    Drenched in flavour, this southern French blend is ace for your barbecue.

    Retailer : Co-op
    Price : £7.49
    ABV : %12.5
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  • Tasca ‘Regaleali’ di Sicilia 2017

    Sunny splendid white that is the perfect shellfish all-rounder. Mix six price.


    Retailer : Majestic
    Price : £8.99
    ABV : %12.5
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