Wines Of The Week—

Fritz Willi 2018 Riesling Friedrich-Willhelm-Gymnasium—

For the cash, this is one of my top white wines of the year. Delightfully dazzling, expect the fruity precision of a mango spliced with a peach and a surging flourishing zesty finish.

Retailer : ND John Wines
Price : £10.95
ABV : %11
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Top Picks For This Week—

  • Shhh… It’s Riesling 2019

    A citrus eruption of a wine, this is zesty zinger that’s decent value for a serious sharpener. If you like Sauvignon Blanc, try this for an alternative.

    Retailer : Co-op
    Price : £6
    ABV : %11.5
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  • Classics Mineralstein Riesling No 2 Pfalz 2019

    One of my favourites in the new M&S Classics range made by hugely talented wine wizard Gerd Stepp. Fruity and polished, this Riesling is sensational with spicy Thai dishes.

    Retailer : Marks and Spencer
    Price : £9.50
    ABV : %12
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  • Red Stone, Riesling Gunderloch 2018

    Aromatic excellence somewhere between lime zest and juniper, this is very finely textured white wine with nectarine fruit, long bright tapering elegance and attractive citrus delicacy. Outstanding.

    Retailer : Simply Wines Direct
    Price : £12.99
    ABV : %12
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  • Schloss Vollrads, Schlossberg Grosses Gewächs 2018

    Peachy tropical fragrance and when you sip it, as pristine as a glacier cut from crystal. A splendid German gem that’s more than worth splashing out on.

    Retailer : vinvm
    Price : £29.70
    ABV : %13.5
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