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25th Nov 2018 : Despite its reputation, Zinfandel can be silky and elegiac rather than a mere brute

The Society’s California Old Vine Zinfandel 2016

The best value Zinfandel in Britain right now. Order as much as you can.

Retailer : The Wine Society
Price : £7.95
ABV : %14.5

Top Picks For This Week—

  • Extra Special Primitivo 2016

    A blackcurrant balanced on top of a black cherry – sleek, dark, poised and fruity. *On offer until 2nd Jan 2019.

    Retailer : Asda
    Price : £5.50
    ABV : %13.5
    Buy Direct
  • Ghost Vines Lodi Zinfandel 2017

    Silky rich spice and superb value for a beautifully deep red.

    Price : £6.29
    ABV : %14
    Buy Direct
  • 1000 Stories Zinfandel 2016

     A beauty, aged in Bourbon casks, a bold slab of flavour that’s surprisingly easy drinking. *On offer (from £17) until 11th Dec 2018.

    Retailer : Sainsbury's
    Price : £13
    ABV : %14.5
  • Lytton Springs Ridge Vineyards Zinfandel 2016

    The crown jewels from a venerable vineyard with some of the best Zinfandel at its heart.

    Price : £47.95
    ABV : %14.6
    Buy Direct

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