Wines Of The Week—

13th Sep 2020 : Favourite Light Whites

Fritz Willi Riesling 2018

A peach dipped in sherbet, this is so fruity and fabulous it’s a bottled holiday disco of a wine.

Retailer : ND John Wines
Price : £10.95
ABV : %11
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Top Picks For This Week—

  • Ponte de Lima Loureiro 2019

    Light, bright and spritzy, this piercing Portuguese wine is spot on with oily fish like mackerel or for a zesty aperitif.

    Retailer : The Wine Society
    Price : £7.50
    ABV : %11.5
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  • Gaillac Perle ‘Evocation’ 2019

    Fresh easy and breezy, light whites like this don’t come much finer and at such a friendly price.

    Retailer : Majestic
    Price : £8.99
    ABV : %12
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  • Famoso Rubicone IGT 2019

    A tangerine dream of a wine! Fragrant, light, exotic and vivid with all the flavour as well as finesse.

    Retailer : Marks and Spencer
    Price : £8
    ABV : %12
  • The Doctor’s Sauvignon Blanc 2019

    Clever stuff from New Zealand, naturally lower in alcohol without losing out on full flavour- this is a proper zinger.

    Retailer : Waitrose
    Price : £8.99
    ABV : %9.5
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