Wine App—

As featured in The Sunday Times’ World’s Best Apps.

“brilliantly captures the wine man’s enthusiasm and ebullience. It includes a glut of useful and entertaining stuff”  Oliver Thring, The Guardian, July 2011

Hello, ahoy and welcome aboard.

Here it is – my very own iPhone app!

I love wine, and I love sharing the joy and pleasure that a top drop can offer. I want to help anyone who uses this app to get even more enjoyment and satisfaction out of their very next glass.

I want to empower you with a bit of knowledge so that, instead of reaching for the same old bottle from the supermarket shelf, local wine shop, restaurant wine list or online retailer, you branch out to discover the glories that are lurking around every corner.

This app is for anyone, from beginners taking their first steps towards wine heaven to more experienced enthusiasts hunting a bit of inspiration!

Consider me your guide and join me on an expedition scaling the dizzy heights of Mount Vino. Thanks for coming!

Big hugs,


Olly’s Wine App features:

Find Wine: Uses your current location to give you your nearest stockist

Wine Guide: Helps you to find your perfect drop

Exclusive video content: including guides to the major grape varieties; ‘How To’ demos; ‘Meet the Sommelier’; Guides to gadgets, gizmos and wine kit

Words of Wisdom: shake your phone to get Olly’s words of wisdom

Wines of the Week: A selection of Olly’s top recommendations

Wine Horn: blow into the phone and sound your very own Wine Horn