When you are done with the no-booze alternatives…—

If you’re still feeling the effects of indulgence at New Year I offer you this crumb of comfort: no- and low- alcohol drinks are set to become even more popular in 2020. But what else looms on the horizon? Where no and low booze have erred on the side of insipid/elegant, the big flavours are set to rule this year. As far as wine goes, Britain is showing its brilliance and our thirst for fizz seems unstoppable. While French Crémant is beginning to boom, I’m backing Spanish Cava as the one to watch, with decent quality on top of great value.

Thinking pink will also see you ahead of the curve this year whether in your wine, vermouth, gin or even mixer – it seems rose-tinted is for peering both into the future as well as the past. As for packaging, cans are in. Bring your own is back and refilling is trendy – I’ll be happy to top you up!


ALE A LA MODE. THIS SEASON’S MUST HAVE: Mothership Brut Pale Ale (4.5%, 44cl) £1.50* Tesco. Champagne yeast delivers a fab zesty canned pale ale.  *Until 21st Feb

CAVA FOR THE CATWALK: Prestige Cava Rosado NV (12%) £10, M&S. Prime pink Cava with eruptions of splendid summer fruit.

BOOZE FREE: BECAUSE YOU’RE WORTH IT: Nogroni (0%, 20cl) £12 seedlipdrink.com. Big flavour with price tag to match for zero booze.

GET IN WITH THE GIN CROWD: Adnams Raspberry Pink Gin (40%, 70cl) £29.99 adnams.co.uk. My favourite, mix with Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic for liquid bliss.


Coolhurst Lady Elizabeth 2015 (12%) £42 coolhurstvineyards.com. My current top English sparkler from pink specialists of “limited quantity, unlimited quality”.

This column was originally published in EVENT Magazine, Mail on Sunday, 5th January 2020