Tasty wines completely FREE of animal products—

All my recommendations this week are suitable for both vegans as well as vegetarians. Not all bottles are, since winemakers often use hidden animal products for fining and filtration such as egg whites and even isinglass, which is derived from the swimbladders of fish. Thankfully, there are alternative methods on offer from clay and charcoal – but do you really care?

I think you should. Many producers insist that even when they use animal products (the list continues with blood, casein and gelatin) all but nothing remains, but the principle of its usage is inescapable. On the high street, M&S has clear labels indicating if the wine is vegan or vegetarian friendly; all wines should follow suit. For 100 per cent vegan wine, it’s worth checking out specialists such as veganwinesonline.co.uk or vintageroots.co.uk.


RAVISHING RED: Marques de Alarcon Tempranillo Syrah 2017 (13.5%) £6* Marks and Spencer. Fragrant, fabulous red; punches above its price. *on offer in store and online until Sep 30.

FRUITY & FAB: The Best Chilean Merlot 2018 (13.5%) £6* Morrisons. A bowl of blackcurrants and blackberries rolling in cocoa. *on offer until Oct 6.

PEACHY PERFECTION: Irresistible Marsanne 2018 (13%) £8 Co-op. A richly textured peach of a wine.

GIMME DAT ZING: Ara Select Organic Sauvignon Blanc 2018 (13.5%) £12 Sainsbury’s. Fulsome and zingy, well worth stretching the budget for.


Finest Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Champagne 2012 (12.5%) £26 Tesco. Incredible. Tastes as good as Champagne three times the price.

This column was originally published in EVENT Magazine, Mail on Sunday, 8th September 2019