Drinking for Chaps

Drinking for Chaps—

The ultimate handbook on how to choose one's booze.  With Gustav Temple.

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Olly Smith, wine expert extraordinaire and Gentleman about town, editor of The Chap Magazine have teamed up to write this ultimate guide to alcoholic beverages.  A treasure trove of advice, Drinking for Chaps will transform Chaps (and Chapesses) from gadabouts and dabblers to titans of taste.

Chapters include cocktails, bubbles, wine, beer, cider, spirits and liqueurs and cover pairing drinks with delicacies as well as how to order booze in a restaurant and the infallible Chap hangover cure.

Whether you want to impress your house guests with your lemon twist, dazzle a young lady (or man) with with your drinking decorum, or order a perfect Martini at your favourite bar, this essential guide will show you how to drink like a king without spending a fortune.

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