Seize the chance—

International Sherry Week is upon us! Sherry is without doubt the biggest wine bargain on the market. Years of care go into making it, consistency is in its DNA and it remains inexplicably cheap.

Famous brands such as Tio Pepe’s fab Fino are widely available and scrumptious served chilled for an aperitif. For a lighter sip, Solear’s silky Manzanilla is aged over six years through a nine-stage system. For £11.19 in Waitrose, it’s a beauty served chilled with a bowl of salted almonds and in value terms feels like buying a whole ham for the price of a rasher of bacon. And don’t shun the sweeter stuff – they taste as delicious as liquid mince pies. The sweetest of all, PX, is mind-blowing poured over vanilla ice cream. And with every flavour in between, from November 4-10, seize the chance to share the splendour of sherry.


MY SHERRY AMORE: Finest Cream Sherry (18%) £6 Tesco. Stock up on sweet and salty popcorn, chill this and devour both.

SHERRY CROSS THE MERSEY: The Society’s Fino (15%) £6.95 The Wine Society. Brilliance in a bottle. Serve chilled with green olives.

SHERRY OH BABY!: Rare Pedro Ximenez (17%) £9 M&S. Molten toffee laced with raisins, this is as sweet and sumptuous as wine gets.

SHERRY ON THE CAKE: No1 Manzanilla Pasada El Benito (15%) £11.99 Waitrose. A turbine of salty splendour. Serve ice cold with smoked salmon.


Lustau Moscatel Emilin (12%) £12 Morrisons*. Liquid fruit cake tinged with orange sweetness. Absolutely beautiful. *In store only.

This column was originally published in EVENT Magazine, Mail on Sunday, 3rd Nov 2019