Raise your glass to ’31 Days of German Riesling’—

Riesling, from its spiritual home in Germany, is one of the greatest treasures of the wine world – and this month I’m delighted to raise my glass to ‘31 Days of German Riesling’.

The best bottles gleam like the purest gems – and with a bundle of offers available nationwide until the end of the month, this is the perfect time to taste for yourself.

Waitrose is leading the charge, with 20 per cent off its German Rieslings, and there’s a list of other online offers you can find. I’m particularly entranced by the diversity of the Wine Barn’s mixed case of 12 knockout bottles for £222.77, which reminds me of my very first visit around Germany’s verdant vineyards.

Aside from the jaw-dropping scenery, the thing that blew me away was the breadth of styles Riesling can conjure, from refreshing and zingy to exotic and tropical. And though they all act as a mirror to their method and place, there’s a unifying fruity vitality to these zesty treats, which works a charm with spicy cooking from Thai curries to Mexican tacos.

From Mosel’s fragrant style, to Rheingau’s zingers and the richness of Pfalz, Germany’s wine regions deliver Rieslings that are light on their feet with nimble levels of alcohol.

Highly quaffable as aperitifs, these German Rieslings are spot on for sipping all summer long.

While Riesling can age and evolve in a bottle thanks to its characteristic natural acidity, the Rieslings I’m recommending this week are all about youthful zip. And I’m delighted to see modern labelling and also wines sealed with screwcaps to lock in the freshness that this unique grape unleashes with such impressive zeal.

Grab your glass and get going – it’s time to revel in Riesling!


SIMPLY THE ZEST: Shhh… It’s Riesling 2019 (11.5%) £6 Co-Op. A citrus eruption of a wine, this is zesty zinger that’s decent value for a serious sharpener. If you like Sauvignon Blanc, try this for an alternative.

THE LIGHT FANDANGO: Classics Mineralstein Riesling No 2 Pfalz 2019 (12%) £9.50 M&S. One of my favourites in the new M&S Classics range made by hugely talented wine wizard Gerd Stepp. Fruity and polished, this Riesling is sensational with spicy Thai dishes.

ALL WHITE NOW: Red Stone Riesling Gunderloch 2018 (12%) £12.99 Simply Wines Direct. Aromatic excellence somewhere between lime zest and juniper, this is very finely textured white wine with nectarine fruit, long bright tapering elegance and attractive citrus delicacy. Outstanding.

AND YOUR BIRD CAN ZING  Schloss Vollrads Schlossberg Grosses Gewächs 2018 (13.5%) £29.70 VINVM. Peachy tropical fragrance and when you sip it, as pristine as a glacier cut from crystal. A splendid German gem that’s more than worth splashing out on.


Fritz Willi 2018 Riesling Friedrich-Willhelm-Gymnasium (11%) £10.95 N. D. John Wine Merchant. For the cash, this is one of my top white wines of the year. Delightfully dazzling, expect the fruity precision of a mango spliced with a peach and a surging flourishing zesty finish.

This column was originally published online for EVENT for The Mail on Sunday 19th July 2020