Olly’s wines to spring forward—

The clocks leap forward next week, time for white wines to put a spring in your step. My Picpoul is a steal, with winemaker Jean-Claude Mas thrilled by 2020’s ‘gorgeous quality grapes’. Grüner Veltliner is delivering immense value and prices will only rise as people discover its mineral purity. To welcome warmer weather, my Wine of the Week is simply stellar and will evolve beautifully. But when it tastes this terrific, why wait?


PAUL MAS PICPOUL DE PINET 2020 (12.5%), £7.50, Co-Op. Top year for this zingy lemony aperitif, perfect also with shellfish.

MANTLER GRÜNER VELTLINER 2019 (12%), £8.95, thewinesociety.com. Bright as a grapefruit hooked up to the National Grid. You need this.

DISZNOKO TOKAJI DRY FURMINT 2019 (13.5%), £14.50, leaandsandeman.co.uk. Ginger wreathed in lime peel. Richly complex and classy to pair with Thai food.

ALLAN SCOTT PINOT GRIS 2020 (13%), £12.99, finewinesdirectuk.com. Vivid and resonant as a peach singing Abba. Glam and gorgeous!


WESTWELL PELEGRIM NV (11%), £27.50, westwellwines.com. Phenomenal fizz, a tight coil of lemon peel with rich poise. Liquid genius from Kent.

This article was originally published in YOU Magazine, Mail on Sunday, 21st March 2021

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