No- and low-alcohol options—

This is the year when No and Low alcohol drinks surge from acceptable to sublime. Until now I’ve been frustrated that far too many are mimicking gins and other pre-existing tipples rather than creating unique drinks with depth, complexity and character. And pricing has raised my eyebrow. Why pay thirty quid for water that tastes like angry basil? Thankfully, flavours are finding their balance and I’ve even found a low alcohol beer that contains Reishi, ‘the mushroom of immortality”. Not sure I’d drink it forever, but it tastes great if you’re attempting dry January.


FUNGTN REISHI CITRA BEER (0.5%), £18 for six, Powerful refreshment, this terrific beer is vegan- friendly and gluten free.

PUNCHY BLOOD ORANGE, BITTERS & CARDAMOM (0%), £12 for six, Balanced, aromatic, booze-free punch with all-natural ingredients. Brill.

EVERLEAF FOREST (0%), £18, Marks & Spencer (in-store only). Lush, bittersweet. Top with soda. Tastes as exotic as liquid saffron!

LUSCOMBE ST CLEMENTS (0%) £20.28 12 bottles, Sparkling, organic and zesty, this is deliciously pure and feels revitalizing.


FORTNUM & MASON ROSÉ SPARKLING TEA (0%), £16.95, Tastes like a treat thanks to a hibiscus tinge. Delightful!

This article was originally published in YOU Magazine, Mail on Sunday, 3rd January 2021

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