It’s Mother’s Day and my motto is: let taste triumph over price tag!—

Olly Smith writes for Mail on Sunday, Event magazine, 22nd March 2020

Mother’s Day is here and what better way to show her you care than with a bottle of something fabulous?

Kick off the celebrations by bagging her a bubbly so brilliant she’ll order a dozen.

My motto is: let taste triumph over price tag.

Prosecco still has its fans, and while I’m all for a glass of the fun stuff (and I’ve got a belter from Aldi for £7.49), when I think of the amazing still white wine you can find for £7.99, such as Majestic’s Planalto 2018 from Portugal, I’m tempted to suggest sticking that in a SodaStream to stretch your pennies even further.

Thankfully, Saumur in France is producing bubbly to rival the best and here in England the quality of our fizz is soaring.

And if you want to go booze-free, I’ve found a peach of a bottle from Fortnum’s to make mum feel like a queen!


Aldi Exquisite Collection Prosecco DOCG NV (11%) £7.49. The best bargain bubbly in Britain – dangerously drinkable.

Bouvet Ladubay Saumur NV (12.5%) £10.99* Majestic. You cannot resist this stunning bargain sparkler. Dive deep! *Mix Six Price

Fortnum’s Sparkling Tea (0%) £16.95 The best non-booze bubbly I’ve ever tasted. Scented and splendid.

Ellercombe English Sparkling NV (11.5%) £18* Sainsbury’s. Classy with toasty richness and lemony zip, a homegrown treat! *On offer until 24th March


Mount Bluff Brut NV (12%) £15 M&S. Top value, this deep New Zealand zinger is a ringer for the best big names.

This column was originally published in EVENT Magazine, Mail on Sunday, 22nd March 2020