Cava’s classy sparkle will brighten your summer—

‘It tastes like sick.’ This was a ludicrous comment made to me by a wine importer with regard to all cava. This is nonsense – like all wines, there are good and bad examples, but recently I’ve noticed the quality of this superb Spanish fizz sky-rocketing.

Cava is made from local Spanish grape varieties as well as more familiar international ones, with a secondary fermentation in each bottle. It’s a classy sparkler with tiny bubbles, and for under a tenner there are steals that you should bag right now.

For zesty cava in an aperitif style, look for Brut Nature or Extra Brut. Rosado is pink with a fruitier fullness and vintage cava is made from a single year and will generally taste richer.

You can find it made throughout Spain and high street own-labels are offering the best value around – which means, whatever the weather, summer is set to sparkle.


GEE FIZZ!: Winemakers Selection Cava Brut NV (11.5%) £6 Sainsbury’s. A silver medal at the International Wine Challenge makes this top value fizz.

ON YOUR SPARKLES, GET SET….Marques del Norte Cava 2017 (12%) £7.25 Asda. Cool, crisp and classy, this is cracking fizz for the cash.

YES, YES, EFFERVESCE! The Best Vintage Cava Brut 2015 (12%) £8.50 Morrisons. Excellent! This sumptuous sparkler is hard to beat for an all-rounder.

DOUBLE THE BUBBLE: Finest Vintage Cava Reserva 2016 (12%) £9 Tesco. Complex and classy as any top fizz, this vintage cava will wow your guests.


Rosado Cava Prestige NV (12%) £10 M&S. Trumping pricier bubbles, this is rich and fruity as a lottery-winning raspberry.

This column was originally published in EVENT Magazine, Mail on Sunday, 23rd June 2019