Bring in the new year with uplifting fizz—

Where has this year gone? It’s as pointless as asking why the sky is up. Much better to ponder what to drink on New Year’s Eve. I’ve got the perfect answer: lots.

Fizz, without question, should flow like a cascade of uplifting jollity right up to the midnight gongs. And I can sort you good value if you need it – just pop to Aldi for its Prosecco Superiore DOCG (11%) for £6.99. For the price, it’s a crowd-pleaser that can’t be beaten. But for budget bubbly, I’d be buying Spanish Cava for a bit more complexity. Just make sure you start the evening with your best bottle – forget opening the good stuff at midnight when everyone’s palate is jaded.

I’ll be drinking English but check out my Champagne picks for serious splendour. Here’s to 2020… and lots more wine!


FIZZ A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW: L’Atzar Cava Reserva 2017 (11.5%) £10.99 Waitrose. Cracking complexity, splendid vivacious value, buy a case. 

MAGNUM FORCE: Lanson Black Label NV Magnum (12.5%) £67.50 Waitrose. Zesty purity and a trophy magnum to kick the night off. Bang!

BRIT POP: Hambledon Premiere Cuvée Rosé, Dosage Zéro NV (12%) £69.50 Among the greatest British pink bubbly yet produced. Pure and profound.

ARE YOU GONNA DRINK MY WAY: Dom Perignon 2008 Lenny Kravitz Limited Edition (12.5%) £165 The fizz is fab, the bottle is bling – just make sure someone else is paying.


Ayala Blanc de Blancs 2013 (12%) £52.95 Grand Cru Champagne with exceptional finesse and wow-factor class.

This column was originally published in EVENT Magazine, Mail on Sunday, 29th December 2019