Wines Of The Week—

4th Jun 2017 : Despite the fancy marketing, we are living in the golden age of gin!

Remy Ferreras Ventoux 2016

Get in quick for this red! Spice red with a big heart and a bold character.

Retailer : Waitrose
Price : £7.79
ABV : %14
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Top Picks For This Week—

  • Adnams Copper House Gin

    Creamy power that’s perfect on the rocks or with a sprig of mint. Top value for the quality, ace from Adnams.

    Retailer :
    Price : £23.99
    ABV : %48
    Buy Direct
  • Gin Mare

    Hard to beat this unique Mediterranean gin deployed in a G&T – beautifully refreshing, perfumed and impossibly delicious.

    Retailer : Marks and Spencer
    Price : £28
    ABV : %42.7%
  • Gilpin’s Extra Dry Westmoreland 2014

    Intensely pure with huge flavour that’s brilliantly defined, this bottle makes all the time martini time.

    Retailer : Master of Malt
    Price : £35.44
    ABV : %47%
  • Hibernation Gin £42.95

    With foraged wild Welsh botanicals this is a marvellous Negroni choice thanks to its superb aromatic profile. Splash out, worth it.

    Retailer : thewhiskyexchange
    Price : £42.95
    ABV : %45

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