Wines Of The Week—

19th Feb 2017 : The price is slight: Looking to pay less with no drop in quality? Your search is over

Lyraris 'voila' Assyrtiko 2016

Lyrarakis ‘voila’ Assyrtiko 2016

Crete’s answer to Chablis, a blade-sharp white framed in a spell of steel and salinity. Get your Greek salad on.

Retailer : Majestic
Price : £9.99
ABV : %13.5
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Top Picks For This Week—

  • Lidl Corbieres 2015

    A simple hearty weeknight red that’s an absolute bullseye paired with lamb.

    Retailer : Lidl
    Price : £5.49
    ABV : %13
  • The Society’s Verdicchio 2015

    Lemony loveliness with breezy freshness, an ideal aperitif or sip alongside shellfish.

    Retailer : The Wine Society
    Price : £7.25
    ABV : %13.5
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  • Cremant du Jura 2014

    Buzzing bubbly that’s an absolute steal for the price. Hoover up the lot.

    Retailer : Aldi
    Price : £7.49
    ABV : %12
  • Marks and Spencers Manzanilla

    Superbly crisp to pour with green olives and award-winning too. Outrageously good value.

    Retailer : Marks & Spencer
    Price : £7.5
    ABV : %15
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